Sunday, 24 January 2016

Do not believe in yourself, you are so much more than that (part II)

'The unexamined life is not worth living' - Socrates

Continued from Part I

Just as the droplets of water that flow in the river and the flowing river itself are one and the same, we too cannot be separated from the universal whole.

This is a profound realisation. We can start to see that we are not separate from other humans, we are all expressions of the universal intelligence. We are like water droplets in the river, all moving in different directions but all part of the whole. 

In fact, we are not separate from any other living thing or indeed any other thing. There is really no separation, just different forms, different ways of organising one universal intelligence. This is what mystics mean when they talk of oneness of being.

We are ancient
Let’s journey back for a moment from the depths of the universe right into our own cells. What do we find there? We find our genetic code, our DNA, everything our body needs to know to reproduce the myriad types of cells that perform all the functions of life. 

Ah, maybe we can still hang on to some form of individualism. Maybe we can identify ourselves with our DNA, our unique genetic code. 

If we look further, happily we find no separation there either. Where did our DNA come from? Really we are just half of each of our parents. Where is the separate self? 

If we look even further back, all we can see are hundreds, thousands, millions of generations that came before. We see millions of experiments, millennia of trial and error, we see our DNA slowly changing, slowly perfecting. 

We are all that, we are ancient; we have intelligence beyond comprehension carried from all who came before. 

We are all our ancestors and they are all us. Our physical bodies are merely the current guardians, the vessels that carry an essence which is undying. 

So what does all this mean? Every day we get up, eat, work, relax and go to bed. How does all this talk of stars and ancestors change anything? 
To be continued...

Image by Tom Hall


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